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Welcome to Hairlistic Paste!!

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Singapore is an aging population. Naturally, we start losing our hair more quickly when we hit a certain age. More people are facing with baldness and hair loss problems. Losing hair is not something anybody wants, it makes us look older than we are, causing our self-confidence to drop. In turn, it may affect our self-esteem, and seeing no meaning in life, some individuals may feel inferior, which has a negative impact on our body and health in the long run.

Hence, Hairlistic Paste is here to help you cope with all these issues, we have something to help you change all these, a product – Hair paste. Simple and easy to use and yet convenient like a commercial hair dye!

Except that we do NOT use preservatives, chemicals and artificial colouring in any way.

Hairlistic Paste Company Profile

Our company was set up on the 7th April 2011 by a group of passionate and like-minded individuals who wants to make a difference.

It’s purpose is to help everyone, young or old, to stop losing hair.
To stipulate hair growth and making it soft and shiny again, like a child’s.
To rebuild their confidence level and regain their once youthful look.

Vision statement

To help and see more people regaining their hair and lead a healthier lifestyle.